Heart of Denton 4H Livestock Show

Our first poultry show, can't wait!
See you there!

Texas Racers

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  • Due to several personal issues and reasons racing has taken a real backseat in my life, and as such, txracers.com has fallen to the back of my mind, and rarely receives any updates. While I do not plan on getting rid of the site or data, I am changing it up a bit and will be archiving most of it. The Projects will remain as they are, and will be updated when the vehicles get new mods, but the actual racing parts, news, events and articles will be moved to static pages, and linked to from this wiki page. The domain will then be directed to this page, so that visitors will still be able to find everything easily. The rest of the site will be changed to be more oriented towards my personal & family life.

    • Trans Am (dark.fenyx)
      • Main Page - https://xf2.txracers.com/rides/Dark-Phoenix/
      • Forum - https://xf2.txracers.com/forums/02-pontiac-transam.15/
      • Gallery -
    • Stealth (firefly)
      • Main Page - https://xf2.txracers.com/rides/Firefly/
      • Forum - https://xf2.txracers.com/forums/94-dodge-stealth.31/
      • Gallery -
    • Race Tracks - https://xf2.txracers.com/race-tracks/
    • Timeslips -
    • Automotive - https://xf2.txracers.com/ams/categories/automotive.2/
    • Misc - https://xf2.txracers.com/ams/categories/miscellaneous.3/